People and culture

Together we strive for the company goal

Each member of the team has different goals, and we met here for a single common one - Enhance the value of your property. Whatever the job at the nursery, design department or strategic investment division, our members are trying everyday to fulfill their duties and make sure all outcomes meet the highest expectations of investors and consumers.

Together we take care of each member in our family

A project can be completed in two days, and also the project, we strive together for several months. Therefore, the project team as well as a small family, and Beegreen as a big family where all members stay together everyday, together enjoy success and overcome difficult times. And we believe that solidarity is also a great motivation for the success of projects

Together we share our achivements

We believe that long-term cohesion is the determiing factor of a strong team, as well as the development of a stable organization. Therefore, we build policies to share the achievements of the company to every individuals in our team, thereby create stronger encourages for all members to bring the breakthrough results on their performances, as well as enhance happiness of their family lives.