Our firm at a glance

Established since 2008, starting with a contract to design and build the entire landscape of Diamond Island – the most exclusive project in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Beegreen has been recognized as a leading brand in the field of Design and Landscape Construction, Design and Interior Finishing.

In addition to increasing the value of the project's partners and customers through our services, Beegreen is also investing in its own projects in major cities across the country.


Enhance property value

Beegreen is not only providing design services and construction, our goal is to bring added values for our customers by creating the inspirational living and working spaces, and maximize returns on investments.

Providing comprehensive solutions

Beegreen committed all responsibilities to investors, not only in the investment phase but until the operation portion of the project. Our services include Design - Construction - Maintenance to ensure deliverables are of the highest standard.

Supporting sustainable development

Beegreen mission is to accompany the investor not only in one task, or a single project, but as a strategic partner to jointly develop the long-term business strategy and bring sustainable return on investments.