Business standard

Committed To Business Performance

Beegreen does not only bring the landscape design, interior furniture, but create added values for the real estate projects, thereby creating favorable conditions for the sales, leasing, operation, as well as bringing more profit when project is tranfered.

Committed To Privacy

We believe that integrity is essential to the success of all businesses. As a strategic partner of many well-known investors, we contribute our knowledge and experiences to help investors reach their objectives. During companion, we are committed to protect the privacy of all informations, as well as bring innovative ideas in each project we participate.

Committed To Consistency

Our first project is Diamond Island, and the residents are willing to pay over 4000 USD per square metre, and we commit to achieve that standards in all times and circumstances. And not only preserve the level of quality achieved, which we continually recruit talents from around the world, looking for new construction technology and materials to make sure our services are improved everyday.